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On November 12, October 21, The following is a list of books, read by a successfully passed out ADC candidate. Color Guide Oral Pathology, R.

Stanely F. Noman K Wood You can write us to help you get all these book at a much cheaper price all together at dentalknowledge outlook. Policy Statement 6. Australian Dental Association, Victorian Branch. By-law 2, Ethics.

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MCQs in dentistry, 2nd edn. Mandibular Canine Region. Mandibular Premolar Region. Mandibular Molar Region. Radiographic Anatomy in Occlusal Radiographs. Localization Using Various Methods. Panoramic Radiography as an Aid in Localization. Ectopically Positioned Anterior Teeth. Apically Displaced Maxillary Third Molars. Axially Presented Maxillary Third Molars. Common Errors During Preparation of Occlusal. Reducing Overdeveloped Radiographs.

Anomalies of Dental Development and the Teeth. Amelogenesis Imperfecta. Regressive Changes in Teeth and Jaws.

Odontogenic Cysts Radicular Cyst. Radicular Cyst in the Mandible. Radicular Residual Cyst in the Mandible. Radicular Cyst in the Maxilla. Atypically Localized Follicular Cysts. Nonodontogenic Cysts. Odontogenic Tumors and Pseudotumors. Ameloblastic Fibroma. Odontogenic Myxoma.

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Cementoma Periapical Cemental Dysplasia. Cementoblastoma Cementumforming Fibroma. Odontoma Complex Odontoma. Transition Forms.

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Compound Odontoma and Fibroodontoma. Nonodontogenic Tumors and Pseudotumors Benign Lesions. Malignant Lesions. Central Reparative Giant Cell Granuloma. Peripheral Reparative Giant Cell Granuloma. Histiocytosis X. Desmoplastic Fibroma. Ossifying Fibroma. Fibrous Dysplasia JaffeLichtenstein. Fibrous Dysplasia and Cherubism.