Manual Karaite Judaism. A guide to its history and literary sources

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Biblical Exegesis as a Source of Jewish Pluralism: The Case of the Karaites

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Trivia About Karaite Judaism No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Extensive code-copying is indicative both of the ever-shrinking population of Karaim speakers leading to an insufficient Karaim lexicon and a high frequency of borrowing from Russian , Polish , and Slavonic languages and of the high level of language contact in the regions where Karaim is spoken. Due to the very small number of speakers of Karaim and the high level of multilingualism in Lithuania in general, there is also a high level of multilingualism among Karaim speakers.

Karaim speakers also communicate with the dominant languages of their respective regions, including Lithuanian , Polish , and Russian. Most [ citation needed ] dialects of Karaim are now extinct. Children and grandchildren of Karaim speakers speak Lithuanian , Polish , or Russian , and only the oldest generation still speaks Karaim. While most languages of the Turkic family exhibit palatal vowel harmony, Trakai Karaim shows harmony in palatalization of consonants.

Palatalized consonants occur in the presence of front vowels, and non-palatalized consonants occur in the presence of back vowels. Similarly to most Turkic languages, virtually all of the consonants in Karaim exist in both a palatalized and a non-palatalized form, which may be further evidence of their genetic relationship Hansson However, care must be taken in assuming as much, because Karaim has been in contact with the Lipka Tatar language in Lithuania for hundreds of years.

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Karaim also exhibits vowel harmony, whereby suffix vowels harmonize for front or back quality with the vowels in the stem of a word Zajaczkowski Karaim morphology is suffixing and highly agglutinating. The Karaim language lacks prefixes but uses post-positions.

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Nouns are inflected for seven cases nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, ablative, locative, and instrumental, which is rare in other Turkic languages. Due to the agglutinative nature of Karaim morphology, pronominal subjects are frequently dropped as the same information is already represented in the inflection of the main verb. Karaim is head-final and uses postpositions.

Karaim syntax exhibits multiple instances of code-copying, whereby Karaim merges with syntactic properties of other languages in its area due to strong language contact situations.

The impact of such language contact is also evident in the Karaim lexicon, which has extensive borrowing Zajaczkowski In more modern times, the significant borrowing is also representative of insufficiencies in the lexicon [13]. The traditional script of the Karaites on the Hebrew alphabet was used till the 20th century. In Lithuania and Poland, a modified Latin alphabet is used to write in Karaim, while in Crimea and Ukraine, it was written using Cyrillic script. From the 17th century up until the 19th century, Hebrew letters were used.

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Karaim language Russian. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Language family. Writing system. Document , Article 7: Regional or minority languages Ukraine, Paragraph 2. Verkhovna Rada. Retrieved 30 April European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. Council of Europe. Retrieved Glottolog 3. Walter de Gruyter. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Pub. Jewish languages. Biblical Mishnaic Medieval Modern. Yeshivish Yinglish Heblish.

Biblical Exegesis as a Source of Jewish Pluralism: The Case of the Karaites

Languages of Poland. Silesian Wymysorys. Polish Sign Language. Languages of Ukraine. Ukrainian dialects. Ukrainian Sign Language. See Also: Language policy in Ukraine. Turkic languages. Bashkir Old Tatar Tatar.