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No problem. After all, Ginger did go to that stupid nature camp.

Drinking with Goosebumps #8: The Girl Who Cried Monster

Still, there's something odd about this part of the woods. The grass is yellow. Calling All Creeps Goosebumps Ricky Beamer is furious when he gets kicked off the school paper, so he decides Ricky Beamer is furious when he gets kicked off the school paper, so he decides to play a joke on Tashas, the bossy editor-in-chief. Just a little joke. Harmless, really. After school one day he sticks a message in the paper. Cuckoo Clock of Doom Goosebumps Tara the Terrible. That's what Michael Webster calls his bratty little sister.

She loves getting She loves getting Michael in trouble. Making his life miserable. Things couldn't get any worse.

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Then Mr. Webster brings home the antique cuckoo clock. It's old. It's expensive. Reader beware--you choose the scare! Heads up! You're on your way to You're on your way to sports camp! If only Uncle Ed can find the place. Ghost Camp Goosebumps Harry and his brother, Alex, are dying to fit in at Camp Spirit Moon. Mortman turn into a monster, and then they both tell her parents. Unfortunately, on the day of the big plan execution, Aaron is nowhere to be found.

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So Lucy comes up with an even better plan: She'll go back to the library again. Lucy again hides in the library, alone, waiting for Mr. Mortman to change into a monster. Except that this time she's brought a camera to snap his picture. Maybe she'll get lucky and he'll be standing in front of a mirror so she can post the photo on MySpace.

Once Mr. Mortman transforms into a monster again, Lucy takes his picture, but forgets about the flash and Mr. Mortman no pun intended flies into a rage. There's a chase scene and Lucy escapes the library one more time. That night, Lucy's family all goes to the mall to eat at The Chinese Restaurant. Lucy begs her father to get her roll of film developed so she can prove to him once and for all that Mr. Mortman is a monster. Don't worry Lucy, if the picture doesn't turn out, you can always come up with a new plan, like going back to the library.

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After dinner Lucy races to the one hour photo joint to pick up her picture of Mr. Except the photo shows an empty desk in the library, Mr. Mortman didn't show up in the pic at all. Never deterred, Lucy has to come up with a new plan. Amazingly enough, though it still involves hiding and spying, this time her and Aaron are scouting out Mr. Mortman's home rather than the library. The two kids tail Mr. Mortman from the library to his house.

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Lucy peeks through the living room window just in time to see Mr. Mortman indulge in a series of grotesque meals. First he takes a big handful of fish from his aquarium and shoves them into his mouth. Then Mr. Mortman chews up an entire snail, shell and all. Following that, he slurps up an entire eel like a spaghetti strand.

Disgusted, Lucy tries to get Aaron to come peek in the window, but he's off looking for a ladder to see into Mr.

#8: The Girl Who Cried Monster Get Goosebumps! podcast

Mortman's house better. Lucy loses her balance and falls from the window.

Episode description

Aaron, being a true friend, runs away from the house as Mr. Mortman exits the house and picks her up off the ground.

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Lucy makes up a story about how she was just there to tell him she wouldn't be at the Reading Rangers meeting the next day. He offers to let her inside so she can call her parents for a ride home, but for some reason she doesn't want to go inside, probably because it's not the library. She hightails it home. Lucy's parents won't let her quit Reading Rangers. Forced to attend her meeting with Mr. Mortman, Lucy braves the rain and the reader is once more transported back to the magical world of the library. Before he starts the meeting, Mr.

Mortman gets up and locks the door. He tells her he can't let her leave. He starts to make his move towards her when she leaps up and attempts escape. It seems dire but then she comes up with the bright idea of tearing out a drawer of the card catalog, spilling the contents on the ground. Mortman, though still a monster, is also a librarian and he stops his pursuit of Lucy to organize the cards.

Lucy runs out into freedom. She also runs out into Aaron, who had been hiding in the library. I guess he heard about her great plans for hiding in the library and thought " I want in on this! Mortman turn into a monster and is willing to tell her parents!