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He was responsible for deploying personnel and resources to a national domestic incident site, representing the CBP commissioner as the lead field coordinator, and leading more than 12, CBP employees in Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

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He specializes in contemporary Chinese politics. His work has covered a range of regulatory sectors including food safety, aviation safety, environmental protection, and financial regulation. Enlisting in the U. Navy after graduating from high school, Young was offered an appointment to the United States Naval Academy a year later.

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After graduation, Young accepted a commission in the U. Marine Corps, where he attained the rank of Captain. Young worked for the Heritage Foundation, as a legislative assistant for energy policy to Senator Richard Lugar, and at a family law firm in Paoli, Indiana before being elected to Congress.

His research examines personal narratives in Arabic literature, particularly autobiography, dealing with issues related to identity and displacement. His interest in narratives demonstrating the intersection of Arabic literature and political culture resulted in the publication of his book, Voices of the Arab Spring: Personal Stories from the Arab Revolutions Columbia University Press, Previously, he served as U.

Ambassador to Sweden from He was a pioneer in the early days of the internet, becoming the fourth employee of CNET Networks in and working there until in a variety of roles including Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President. President Obama selected him as National Finance Chair for his re-election campaign.

Barzun has served on the boards of many non-profits focused on education, public policy, and interfaith relations. He is author of books on the International Criminal Court and the U. Security Council, both published by Oxford University Press. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Professor Bosco worked previously as a private attorney and on refugee issues in the Balkans. He is currently researching a book on ocean governance and the law of the sea.

A lieutenant in the U.

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Navy Reserve, he spent most of was on leave from the office while deployed to Afghanistan. He was a Times foreign correspondent for more than a decade before becoming acting foreign editor on Sept. He became an op-ed columnist in His work has taken him to many countries, including Bosnia, Iran, Israel and Afghanistan. She specializes in the Cold War, focusing in particular on: U. Department of State has been published in Diplomatic History and other sources. The U. Aurelian Craiutu is Professor in the Department of Political Science at Indiana University, Bloomington, where he teaches courses in political theory and the history of political thought.

He is a historian of U.

Cullather has won Fulbright grants to the Philippines and Singapore. Ivo H. Daalder is president of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Prior to joining the Council, he served as the Ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for more than four years, appointed by President Obama in Before that, Daalder was a Senior Fellow in foreign policy studies at the Brookings Institution, specializing in American foreign policy, European security and transatlantic relations, and national security affairs.

Bush with I. Dionne Jr. He attended Catholic schools, graduated from Harvard University, and received a D. In , he went to work for The New York Times covering state, local, and national politics and also serving as a foreign correspondent. He reported from more than two dozen countries, including extended periods in Paris, Rome, and Beirut.

Special Reports

He joined The Washington Post in as a political reporter and has been writing a column for the Post since , which appears in more than newspapers. Evan A. Feigenbaum is Vice Chairman of the Paulson Institute, an independent center, located at the University of Chicago, established by former U. From to , he served at the U. Zoellick, with whom he worked closely in the development of the U. Naval Postgraduate School. After completing her doctoral studies in Russian history at the University of Melbourne, Australia, Gilligan was a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of History at the University of Chicago from The study places the conflict in Chechnya within the international discourse on humanitarian intervention in the s and the rise of nationalism in Russia.

John Hamilton was elected Mayor of Bloomington in A Bloomington native, Hamilton grew up the son of a Methodist minister and a professional musician. He graduated from Harvard College and Indiana University Maurer School of Law, then had a distinguished career primarily in the public and nonprofit sectors, focused on increasing economic justice and opportunity, social and health services, civil rights, and environmental stewardship. Hamilton founded City First Bank of D. City First , a certified Community Development Financial Institution dedicated to strengthening low-to-moderate-income communities.

He also protected our air, water and land as Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and served as an elected member of the Board of Trustees for the Monroe County Community School Corporation. Marie Harf is a national security communications and policy strategist who has held a variety of senior roles in government and politics since arriving in Washington over a decade ago.

She currently serves as a Fox News contributor focused on national security and political analysis.

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In , she was the senior advisor to and press spokesperson for Chuck Hagel during his successful confirmation to be Secretary of Defense. During the election, Ms.

Mark Hertling served four decades in the US Army. Before retirement, he was Commanding General of US Army Europe, where he led over 50, soldiers and partnered with armies of 50 countries in Europe and the Levant. From His book, Growing Physician Leaders, was published in May Adam Hitchcock is a managing director at Guggenheim Partners. He is on the board of Urban Initiatives, a nonprofit organization that runs health, education, and character development programming for kids in the Chicago Public Schools.

Eric Holcomb is the 51st Governor of Indiana. He was elected governor following an unprecedented day campaign and was sworn in on January 9, Throughout his career in public service, Eric has earned a reputation of being a consensus builder. History with a focus on the Civil War and Reconstruction. Feisal Istrabadi focuses his research on the processes of building legal and political institutions in countries in transition from dictatorship to democracy. Security Council resolution of June 8, , which recognized the reassertion by Iraq of its sovereignty. Before contributing to the reconstruction of Iraq, Istrabadi was a practicing trial lawyer in the United States for 15 years, with approximately 70 civil trials in federal and state courts, focusing on civil rights, employment discrimination, and constitutional torts.

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Istrabadi lectures often at universities and think tanks on Iraq-related issues and appears frequently in national and international media. Kojm served as Chairman of the National Intelligence Council from to His research focuses on international security and the Asia-Pacific, with particular emphasis on the foreign relations of Japan and China; U.

Asia-Pacific strategy; the U.

He holds a Ph. From to , he was editor of Policy Review. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Lipman was the editor-in-chief of Pro et Contra, a policy journal published by the Carnegie Moscow Center from From , Lipman wrote an op-ed column on Russian politics, media and society for The Washington Post. At the U. He was Staff Director for Mr. Luse has made five trips to North Korea. Luse was presented a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Indiana University. His graduate certificate in public management and additional graduate studies were obtained at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University—Purdue University, Indianapolis.

Upon taking office, she focused her administration on building the most conducive climate for economic development growth, providing for sustainable infrastructure needs and fostering a community dedication toward positive lifestyle choices. Navy , completing two Persian Gulf deployments. After serving in Bahrain and Iraq, Milo transferred to the Chief of Naval Operations staff at the Pentagon, and in July , transitioned from active to reserve duty, where she holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Milo was born and raised in La Porte, Indiana. She earned a B.

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Her most exotic reporting trip took her on a rare trip to the Kurile Islands. Before coming to Bloomington in , she spent two years working in strategic communications, notably as a consultant for Amnesty International USA. Gymnastics Federation. Christiana Ochoa is Professor of Law at the Maurer School of Law, Indiana University, and has focused the majority of her scholarship on the question of how economic activity intersects with human well-being.

Before joining the faculty in , she had worked at the global law firm, Clifford Chance, where she dedicated her efforts to cross-border capital markets and asset-finance transactions. She had also worked for a number of human rights and non-governmental organizations in Colombia, Brazil and Nicaragua. Together with her life-experience in Latin America, this work focused her attention on governance in the field of business and human rights.

Since that time, her research on governance mechanisms has expanded into the field of law and development. She is pursuing fieldwork toward the production of a second documentary, which will focus on law as a set of tools for the realization of differing views of development. She is associate director of the IU Center for Documentary Research and Practice, a center within The Media School that brings together scholars and artists from across the university who will work on an array of nonfiction media projects.

Lauren Robel was named provost of Indiana University Bloomington and executive vice president of Indiana University in The plan also calls for initiatives to promote student and faculty success in a variety of areas, from financial literacy and career development to work-life balance and diversity recruitment. As the chief academic officer for the Bloomington campus, Robel oversaw the campuswide implementation of the New Academic Directions report.